Mysql – What tools are available to document a legacy database schema (PDF, DOC, HTML, RTF)


I need to document a legacy database schema for a new employee and as there's no design document I'd like to generate one from the existing schema. As the tables are MyISAM the foreign key relationships won't produce a nice graph. I'm interested in producing a document showing the important tables, their columns, types and remarks.

Are there any tools available to produce a nice document (PDF, DOC, HTML or RTF say) from the database schemas meta data? Or am I better writing a utility to export this myself (I was thinking dump it to XML and then transform it using XSLT)? The schema is running on MySQL 5.

Best Solution

After some research and looking at the options available I've decided to use schema spy which does pretty much want I wanted.

It produced the results in a reasonable format, but also provided an XML dump of the meta data which I was able to use to write an XSLT transformation to match what I wanted in the first place.

Tip came from answer to question 1869.

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