.net – Biztalk FileAdapter Errror when using Dynamic Send Port and UNC


I am using a Dynamic Send Port in Biztalk 2006 and i am trying to write to a Windows Share (UNC) but get "Access is denied".

The Biztalk host in-process-user got all permission needed at the given folder. I can manually create a new file in the destination but not when using Biztalk.

Does the FileAdapter use another host-user ?(which i have not added to the permission list on the unc-folder)

The Error:

Error details: The FILE send adapter cannot open file \int.company.as\Biztalk\CodeNA\ImageName_123456_20080227T230000_.xml for writing.
Details: Access is denied.

A work around will be to write locally first and then use File.Move(), but I cannot understand why the above doesnt work. it works on a Share on my local laptop..

Best Solution

Well, problem solved... The reason is that the File Adapter can run under another Host-process. (and this other hostprocess did not have permissions to the specific folder..)

I thought the FileAdapter followed the credentials of the Orchestration, - but no...

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