.net – How to resolve .Net namespace conflicts with the ‘using’ keyword


Here's the problem, you include multiple assemblies and add 'using namespaceX' at the top of your code file.
Now you want to create a class or use a symbol which is defined in multiple namespaces,
e.g. System.Windows.Controls.Image & System.Drawing.Image

Now unless you use the fully qualified name, there will be a crib/build error due to ambiguity inspite of the right 'using' declarations at the top. What is the way out here?

(Another knowledge base post.. I found the answer after about 10 minutes of searching because I didn't know the right keyword to search for)

Best Solution

Use alias

using System.Windows.Controls;
using Drawing = System.Drawing;


Image img = ... //System.Windows.Controls.Image
Drawing.Image img2 = ... //System.Drawing.Image

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