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When setting up a Visual Studio .NET solution with many projects, do you find "Solution Folders" useful? What are the drawbacks?

My original thought was that using Solution Folders can be useful to logically organize like projects within a solution. However, I was surprised to learn that a creating a Solution Folder does not create a corresponding Windows folder. From MSDN:

"Solution Folders are an
organizational tool in Solution
Explorer; corresponding Windows
folders are not created. We recommend
that you organize your projects on
disk in the same way that you organize
them in the solution."

I am considering organizing the solution so that every project is contained within a solution folder. Is this a good idea?

Best Solution

Solution folders can help organizing your projects. And they have one big advantage: If you want to build some sets of projects then you can mark them and right-click them and select "Build selected projects". If your solution folder organization fits you can simply right-click on a solution folder and select "Build".

We have sln-folders for "MainApps" and "Test" (and some other). If you need all Apps, you build the complete solution. But if you don't want waiting for the Test projects to build you can simply right-click and build the "MainApps" folder!

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