.net – Team is Going from XP32 to XP64 for .NET Development – Any Gotchas


My team is getting new XP64 workstations. We've been using XP32 up until now. Most of our work is done in managed C#/VS2008/.net 3.5 and SQL Server 2005. However we do have a couple apps that are still in VS2005/.net 2.0. The majority of our applications are ASP.NET webforms apps and WCF services that are running on 64bit servers in production. However, we have some WPF development going on that will have to run on 32bit machines.

Are there any gotchas or transition pains we should be aware of?

Best Solution

If you are referencing any third party DLLs that are compiled for 32-bit, then you will have to target your applications for 32-bit. This can be done by either changing the project settings or using the corflags application with the /32BIT+ parameter.

The only "gotcha" that I have encountered in my many months of XP x64 as a development workstation is that Edit-And-Continue does not work in the Visual Studio debugger in 64-bit applications.