Node.js – How to install a previous exact version of a NPM package


I used nvm to download node v0.4.10 and installed npm to work with that version of node.

I am trying to install express using

npm install express -g

and I get an error that express requires node version >= 0.5.0.

Well, this is odd, since I am following the directions for a node+express+mongodb tutorial here that used node v0.4.10, so I am assuming express is/was available to node v0.4.10. If my assumption is correct, how do I tell npm to fetch a version that would work with my setup?

Best Solution

If you have to install an older version of a package, just specify it

npm install <package>@<version>

For example: npm install express@3.0.0

You can also add the --save flag to that command to add it to your package.json dependencies, or --save --save-exact flags if you want that exact version specified in your package.json dependencies.

The install command is documented here:

If you're not sure what versions of a package are available, you can use:

npm view <package> versions

And npm view can be used for viewing other things about a package too.