Node.js – nested loops asynchronously in Node.js, next loop must start only after one gets completed


Check below algorithm…

users = getAllUsers();
    contacts = getContactsOfUser(users[i].userId);
    contactslength = contacts.length;
         phones = getPhonesOfContacts(contacts[j].contactId);
         contacts[j].phones = phones;
    users[i].contacts = contacts;

return users;

I want to develop such same logic using node.js.

I have tried using async with foreach and concat and foreachseries functions. But all fail in the second level.

While pointer is getting contacts of one user, a value of i increases and the process is getting started for next users.
It is not waiting for the process of getting contacts & phones to complete for one user. and only after that starting the next user. I want to achieve this.

Actually, I want to get the users to object with proper

Means all the sequences are getting ruined, can anyone give me general idea how can I achieve such a series process. I am open to change my algorithm also.

Best Solution

In node.js you need to use asynchronous way. Your code should look something like:

var processUsesrs = function(callback) {
    getAllUsers(function(err, users) {
        async.forEach(users, function(user, callback) {
            getContactsOfUser(users.userId, function(err, contacts) {
                async.forEach(contacts, function(contact, callback) {
                    getPhonesOfContacts(contacts.contactId, function(err, phones) {
                        contact.phones = phones;
                }, function(err) {
                    // All contacts are processed
                    user.contacts = contacts;
        }, function(err) {
            // All users are processed
            // Here the finished result
            callback(undefined, users);

processUsers(function(err, users) {
    // users here
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