Node.js – Socket.IO Connected User Count


I finally got Socket.IO to work properly, but I have encountered a strange problem.

I am not sure if this is the best way, but I am using:


This returns the number of clients connected to my server. The problem is after a few connects and disconnects of users, the number starts to stay higher than it should be.

For instance, if I connect and ask my friends to, the number goes up which is correct. But when we start to disconnect and reconnect the number does not decrease.

I am running the Node.js and Socket.IO server on a VMware Ubuntu server.

Why is this or is there a better method for finding out how many people are connected to the server?

Best Solution

Just in case someone gets to this page while using version 1.0

You can get the connected clients count from


Need an answer and the above did not work for new version of