Objective-c – Comparing NSNumbers in Objective C


I am a beginner at Objective-C and I am a bit confused at this scenario. I have the following code:

if (number1 < number2) {
    NSLog(@"%@", number1);
    NSLog(@"IS LESS THAN");
    NSLog(@"%@", number2);

When I run this code I see really strange results like this:

2011-07-06 20:38:18.044 helloworld[1014:207] THE FOLLOWING NUMBER 
2011-07-06 20:38:18.047 helloworld[1014:207] 190.8776
2011-07-06 20:38:18.050 helloworld[1014:207] IS LESS THAN
2011-07-06 20:38:18.053 helloworld[1014:207] 96.75866

Both numbers are NSNumber objects, how could something like this happen? I am getting the two numbers by finding distances between sprites on the screen.

Any clues or advice would really be appreciated

Best Solution

I assume number1 and number2 are pointers to objects. The < sign is comparing the pointers.

You need to compare the actual floatValue or doubleValue

if ([number1 doubleValue] < [number2 doubleValue])