Objective-c – How to view contents of NSDictionary variable in Xcode debugger


Is there a way to view the key/value pairs of a NSDictionary variable through the Xcode debugger? Here's the extent of information when it is fully expanded in the variable window:

Variable  Value      Summary
jsonDict  0x45c540   4 key/value pairs
 NSObject {...}
  isa     0xa06e0720

I was expecting it to show me each element of the dictionary (similar to an array variable).

Best Solution

In the gdb window you can use po to inspect the object.


NSMutableDictionary* dict = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
[dict setObject:@"foo" forKey:@"bar"];
[dict setObject:@"fiz" forKey:@"buz"];

setting a breakpoint after the objects are added you can inspect what is in the dictionary

(gdb) po dict
  bar = foo;
  buz = fiz;

Of course these are NSString objects that print nicely. YMMV with other complex objects.