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Is there anyway I can sort a NSMutableArray that contains UIImageView by the UIImageView's frame.origin.y value?

Trying to do the sort before adding the view to make sure the stacking order is correct.

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Best Solution

You could provide a compare selector:

NSInteger intSort(id num1, id num2, void* context)
    int v1 = [num1 intValue];
    int v2 = [num2 intValue];
    if (v1 < v2)
        return NSOrderedAscending;
    else if (v1 > v2)
        return NSOrderedDescending;
        return NSOrderedSame;

This method compares NSNumber objects.
You would need to change it to change your view controller coordinates.

To set this compare selector:

NSArray* sortedArray; 
sortedArray = [anArray sortedArrayUsingFunction:intSort context:NULL];

This is an example from the Apple documentation.

Here is a similar (but for alphabetical sorting) question.