Objective-c – SNMP Library for iPhone


Are there any open source libraries for doing SNMP GET/SETs using the Objective C/Cocoa Touch (for IPhone)?

Best Solution

Although there is no SNMP implementations in Objective-C (that i an aware of). There are in C & C++.

I've had success at using snmp++v2.8a. Just drop the .h and .cpp files required for the static libsnmp++.a into your x-code iphone project. And make the necessary tweaks for it to build. I had to add: "-D_XPG4_EXTENDED -DGCC -DLINUX" to Project Settings 'Other C++ Flags', and make some changes to the files. Then any file you are using the c++ objects from, rename from .m to .mm, to tell X-Code the file contains a mixture of objective-C and c++.