Objective-c – UILabel font size


I can't seem to modify the font size of a UILabel with the following code:

itemTitle.font = [UIFont systemFontOfSize:25];

As i increase the number 25 to something greater, it seems to only add a top margin to the label, which consequently pushes the text down so much, so that the text gets cut off at the bottom or completely overflows.

i have another UILabel elsewhere with systemFontOfSize 25, and it's much smaller than the itemTitle text. What's going on? Isn't 25 supposed to be an absolute value?

i am so confused on how to programmatically change font size of uilabels.

Best Solution

I have modified the UILabel by following code:

label.font=[label.font fontWithSize:25];

Try this and see whether is it working in your case or not???