Objective-c – Why can’t I release an object anymore?


After I updated to Xcode 4.2, I can no longer release anything.
When I start typing "release" it suggest "release" but with a red line across.

If I write it anyway it shows an error and displays these two messages:

'release' is unavailable: not available in automatic reference counting mode
Automatic Reference Counting forbids explicit message send of 'release'

Does anyone know what I can do?

Best Solution

You need to turn off Automatic Reference Counting. You do this by clicking on your project in the navigator (the top item in the finder-like thing on the left), then click on your target, select "Build Settings" and turn off the option "Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting" (you can use the search field on the upper right to search it).

Another possibility is to migrate your project to ARC.

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