Opencv – Import OpenCV in Pycharm


I want to use OpenCV (Python module) in pycharm. I set my Python interpreter in settings and added OpenCV path (C:\opencv\build\python\2.7) to the Python interpreter path. Unfortunately pycharm couldn't import OpenCV. It's noticeable that I see the cv2.pyd in the left panel (project panel).

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue ?

Best Solution

Refer to How to install OpenCV on Windows and enable it for PyCharm without using the package manager

Steps to follow:

Install Python 2.7.10
Install Pycharm(If you have not done it already)
Download and install the OpenCV executable.
Add OpenCV in the system path(%OPENCV_DIR% = /path/of/opencv/directory)
Goto C:\opencv\build\python\2.7\x86 folder and copy cv2.pyd file.
Goto C:\Python27\DLLs directory and paste the cv2.pyd file.
Goto C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages directory and paste the cv2.pyd file.
Goto PyCharm IDE and goto DefaultSettings>PythonInterpreter.
Select the Python which you have installed on Step1.
Install the packages numpy,matplotlib and pip in pycharm.
Restart your PyCharm.
PyCharm now has OpenCV library installed and working.

If you have installed pycharm,then you can type : pip install opencv-python after satisfied,

then go to file ,setting (in pycharm) project ,project interpreter,click on plus icon on the top right ,

search opencv-python and install package.

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