Oracle – Finding Data Pump Dump Location in 12c


First and foremost, apologies for a very novice question here. I was just starting to get the hang of how the data pump dump worked in 11g when the customers I support moved to 12c. Darn the luck. 🙂

So a hopefully quick question: I'm using a coworker's Windows server running 12c to try to import a customer's data pump dump (have their dump and log file), but I have no idea where to place the dump for import. When I run:

select * from dba_directories where directory_name='DATA_PUMP_DIR';   

this is the output returned:


That directory does not exist anywhere on this machine, plus it looks like an unusual directory path. (My coworker is on vacation, else I'd just ask of course).

So has something changed in 12c where it treats directories a bit differently? I keep thinking surely the one who created this server couldn't have just pointed the data pump dir to a non-existent path like that. I'm presently googling myself in circles, so I suppose the short question is simply where do I begin as a first step in figuring out where my directory is for dropping my dump import file?

Again, apologies for the embarrassingly newbie question, and thanks in advance for entertaining my question.

Best Solution

Use the following sql query.

select * from dba_directories where directory_name='DATA_PUMP_DIR';
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