Oracle – How to enter newline character in Oracle


select col1, col2
    into name1, name2
    from table1
    where col1=col;

        m_sub := 'Subject ';
    m_msg := 'Hello '||name||' ,'||/n||/n||'Your order has been placed.';

Error(34,33): PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "/" when expecting one
of the following: ( – + case mod new null avg count
current max min prior sql stddev sum variance execute forall merge
time timestamp interval date pipe

Best Solution

Chr(Number) should work for you.

select 'Hello' || chr(10) ||' world' from dual

Remember different platforms expect different new line characters:

  • CHR(10) => LF, line feed (unix)
  • CHR(13) => CR, carriage return (windows, together with LF)
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