Php – Accessing .sqlite db from phptheadmin? FF cookies


I'm trying to view my firefox cookies db (cookies.sqlite). Since I've never accessed dbs with anything other than phpmyadmin, I'm at a loss as to how to view the content of this sqlite file. There's localhost/sqlitemanager, but I'd rather stick to the phpmyadmin interface that I'm used to.

Any ideas how I can open/view this sqlite db the normal way in phpmyadmin? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

P.S. I know that browser cookies are very commonly accessed/played with. If you know another tool that's more specific for this goal, please drop me an answer or suggest in the comments.

Best Solution

There are also several web interfaces for sqlite.



Simple SQLite Manager

SQLite Admin





I have not yet tried any of them - in fact, I found this SO question while researching sqlite web front-ends for my own use. But I, too, come from a phpMyAdmin background, so the first one I plan to try is phpSQLiteAdmin.