Php – Best way to offload heavy processing (like image resizing) out of PHP request


I'm working on a PHP web interface that will receive huge traffic. Some insert/update requests will contain images that will have to be resized to some common sizes to speed up their further retrieval.

One way to do it is probably to set up some asynchronous queue on the server. Eg. set up a table in a db with a tasks queue that would be populated by PHP requests and let some other process on the server watch the table and process any waiting tasks. How would you do that? What would be the proper environment for that long running process? Java, or maybe something lighter would do?

Best Solution

If what you're doing is really high volume then what you're looking for is something like beanstalkd. It is a distributed work queue processor. You just put a job on the queue and then forget about it.

Of course then you need something at the other end reading the queue and processing the work. There are multiple ways of doing this.

The easiest is probably to have a cron job that runs sufficiently often to read the work queue and process the requests. Alternatively you can use some kind of persistent daemon process that is woken up by work becoming available.

The advantage of this kind of approach is you can tailor the number of workers to how much work needs to get done and beanstalkd handles distributed prorcessing (in the sense that the listners can be on different machines).

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