Php – Connection pooling in PHP


Is it possible to cache database connections when using PHP like you would in a J2EE container? If so, how?

Best Solution

There is no connection pooling in php.
mysql_pconnect and connection pooling are two different things. There are many problems connected with mysql_pconnect and first you should read the manual and carefully use it, but this is not connection pooling.

Connection pooling is a technique where the application server manages the connections. When the application needs a connection it asks the application server for it and the application server returns one of the pooled connections if there is one free.

We can do connection scaling in php for that please go through following link:

So no connection pooling in php.

As Julio said apache releases all resources when the request ends for the current reques. You can use mysql_pconnect but you are limited with that function and you must be very careful. Other choice is to use singleton pattern, but none of this is pooling.

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