Php – Custom eCommerce Site – ASP.Net or PHP


I currently have a very functional customised online ordering website written from scratch in ASP. This was built approx 4 years ago, and works exceptionally well.

I need to build a similar one for another company. Do I simply upgrade and get a like product developed in ASP.Net 2.0, or do I need to do some homework on other options such as PHP, Rails, Django, Magento etc?

The new site will need to use Ajax (or something similar) and other Web 2.0 features in which I know ASP.Net can handle.

Are there other simple frameworks available to create a customised online ordering type of application? As an example, I have heard that Rails and Magento are very difficult to customise etc.

Do I use the devil I know?

Best Solution

If you are looking at AJAX, then rather than vanilla ASP.NET, I'd look at ASP.NET MVC; this is a much cleaner model (more logical too, IMO) - and it plays very well with jQuery for the ajax, since you have much more control over both the html and the paths.

Also, jQuery now has intellisense in VS20008, making it even more inviting.

I can't comment on PHP - but the ASP.NET MVC is at least in roughly familiar territory. But note that ASP.NET (including MVC) is a lot more than just a straight upgrade to ASP.