Php – Doctrine2 migrations migrate down and migrate from browser and not command line


I am using Doctrine2 migrations. I need some answers about my doubt, I canno find a good solution in documentations

I use:

  doctrine migrations:diff // generate migrations files
  doctrine migrations:migrate // migrates up to new version
  1. How Can I migrate down? specifying the previous version did not work ( nothing to update it says f.e. doctrine migrations:migrate Version20120211163332 it says

    Migrating up to Version20120211163332 from 20120309112058
    Could not find any migrations to execute.      

    But it's not up it should be down! you can see also on versions in response

  2. If I have to make some DB update, is it possible to add some SQL Queries in additions ( alter some datas related to other) ? I have not tried still since the down is not working :((

  3. Is there any way to use the migrate command in a browser nutshell ? I have sw in a shared hosting without console access so I need this feature, instead of copying queries one by one 😀 in phpMyAdmin

Best Solution

You can optionally manually specify the version you wish to migrate to:

 php doctrine.php migrations:migrate YYYYMMDDHHMMSS

or execute a migration up/down

php doctrine.php migrations:execute YYYYMMDDHHMMSS  --down
php doctrine.php migrations:execute YYYYMMDDHHMMSS  --up

You can found YYYYMMDDHHMMSS using:

php doctrine.php migrations:status
>> Current Version:           2012-12-20 23:38:47 (20121220233847)
>> Latest Version:            2012-12-20 23:38:47 (20121220233847)
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