Php – DOMXpath – Get href attribute and text value of an a element


So I have a HTML string like this:

<td class="name">
   <a href="/blah/somename23123">Some Name</a>
<td class="name">
   <a href="/blah/somename28787">Some Name2</a>

Using XPath I'm able to get value of href attribute using this Xpath query:

 $domXpath = new \DOMXPath($this->domPage);
 $hrefs = $domXpath->query("//td[@class='name']/a/@href");
 foreach($hrefs as $href) {...}

And It's even easier to get a text value, like this:

 // Xpath auto. strips any html tags so we are 
 // left with clean text value of a element
 $domXpath = new \DOMXPath($this->domPage);
 $names = $domXpath->query("//td[@class='name']/");
 foreach($names as $name) {...}

Now I'm curious to know, how can I combine those two queries to get both values with only one query (If it's something like that even posible?).

Best Solution



and then pluck the text with nodeValue and the attribute with getAttribute('href').

Apart from that, you can combine Xpath queries with the Union Operator | so you can use


as well.

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