Mysql – Enabling thesql Event scheduler on server restarts


I am running phpmyadmin and installed apache server on my personal computer. My problem is that I am trying to set MySQL event_scheduler to always be enabled even when the server restarts. I was reading that by setting the following command line in the server configuration file (my.cnf or my.ini) it should work: event_scheduler=DISABLED. However, where do I locate this my.cnf or my.ini file, and also should the command line be event_scheduler=DISABLED or event_scheduler=ENABLED seeing that I want it to always be enabled?

Best Solution

You should set 'ON' value (not ENABLED).

In the configuration file in [mysqld] section specify 'event-scheduler' option (not event_scheduler).

Also, you can start your MySQL server with '--event-scheduler' option, e.g. -

shell> mysqld --event-scheduler=ON

More information - event_scheduler system variable.