Php – Facebook killed Public RSS feeds; how to obtain a Facebook Page RSS with the new Timeline


I'm attempting to pull out a page feed to RSS from Facebook, however each time I attempt to try it, I get an error back in the XML with the following :

This feed URL is no longer valid. Visit this page to find the new URL, if you have access: &lt;a href=&quot;<FB_ID>&quot;&gt;<FB_ID>&lt;/a&gt;

The URL I'm using is:<fb_id>&format=rss20&access_token=<my_page_token>

I don't have an age restriction set nor a country restriction:
enter image description here

Further, I've tried it with and without my access token.

As noted in the comments below, the JSON URL is indeed working:<page_name>/feed&<page_name>/‌​feed?access_token=<token>

What is going on here / how do I resolve the problem?

Best Solution

Here are my directions.

  1. Go to facebook and right-click profile image to get URL and copy the ID
  2. Go here
  3. Take the ID value that is listed on the resulting page and copy it
  4. Go here and paste the new ID
  5. Copy and paste URL into your feed reader