Php – Get entire URL, including query string and anchor


Is there a way to get the entire URL used to request the current page, including the anchor (the text after the # – I may be using the wrong word), in included pages?

i.e. page foo.php is included in bar.php. If I use your solution in foo.php, I need it to say bar.php?blarg=a#example.

Best Solution

No, I am afraid not, since the hash (the string including the #) never gets passed to the server, it is solely a behavioural property of the browser. The $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] variable will contain the rest however.

If you really need to know what the hash is, you will have to use the document.location.hash JavaScript property, which contains the contents of the hash (you could then insert it in a form, or send it to the server with an ajax request).