Php – How good is PHP performance


This is a follow up to a recent post I've seen which suggests that PHP performance is poor:

"PHP. IS. ALWAYS. THE. BOTTLENECK. My server farms, let me show you them! PHP Overall Performance"

followed by:

"PHP performance is frickin' abysmal. I am basing this on my experience with OpenX (on Linux) and WordPress (on win64)."

Can we get some objective community input as to whether PHP performance is good, or bad …

  1. Compared to other languages / runtimes
  2. From a language perspective, are there any specific libraries or operations which are better or worse than others?
  3. From a build perspective are there any versions, or platforms which are better or worse than others?

Best Solution

The answer to "How good is PHP performance?" is "Good enough".

By that I mean that most performance issues with Websites are related to other issues like poor database design, little to no caching, CSS/JavaScript/image caching and so on.

PHP is used by some of the largest sites on the Internet so it's passed that test. Jeff Atwood argues PHP Sucks, But It Doesn't Matter. There are things to rightly criticize PHP about (e.g., inconsistent parameter order, inconsistent function naming, magic quotes, etc) but I think he's overstating the negative.

So don't choose PHP (or not) based on supposed performance because it doesn't matter (compared to everything else).