Php – How to 3270 screen-scrape from a Linux-based web app


I have a LAMP (PHP) web app which need to interface with programs on an IBM 3270 mainframe (via Microsoft SNA Server). One solution I'm looking at is screen-scraping via 3270. (I'm integrating the present with the past!)

Many years ago, I wrote C code which used HLLAPI as the basis for such a task.

  1. Is HLLAPI still the best way to approach this task?
  2. If so, would I be best off just writing a C app to undertake the work necessary and exec() this C app from php?
  3. Are there any open source HLLAPI providers for Linux? (In the past I used commercial solutions such as Cleo.)

Best Solution

I haven't used it but maybe look at which says has a version:

s3270 is a displayless version for writing screen-scraping scripts