How to change the default author in PhpStorm for PHPDoc


I search for a moment a way to change the name and mail used by PHPDoc in PhpStorm when you use the "autocomplete" by pressing Enter after typing /** just before a class or a function.

Example :

 * Class DepartmentType
 * @author Foo Bar <>
class Foo

Because, this name and this mail is not the name and mail configure for the git I use in my project. I don't find any place to change this defaults values…

Anyone have an idea ?

Best Solution

Preferences > Editor > File and Code Templates > Includes tab > PHP Class Doc Comment

 * Class ${NAME}
#if (${NAMESPACE}) * @package ${NAMESPACE}
 * @author Foo Bar <>

I edited @Mahmoud Zalt's answer, which is basically right, but the edit was rejected, so here you go. @Mahmoud Zalt's answer will only work if you have a namespace in the class, which is what the if/end logic is looking for.

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