Php – How to create database on google cloud sql instance


How can I use Cloud SQL to create a database? When I use MySQL, I could easily run a sql script to create them on phpMyAdmin.

I found a site that advertises that it's possible to run SQL files right on Google Cloud SQL.

google run SQL files image

This is exactly what I want to do. I could run my code to create a couple databases, and they would be in my cloud SQL, and I could connect my appengine app to my cloudsql and it would work as expected.

But when I follow the instructions on that site, I only see this:

actual cloud SQL site image

Where is the SQL prompt? How can I create databases on my cloud sql instance?

Best Solution

As @Juan Enrique Muñoz Zolotoochin says, singe February 2015 it is now possible to manage databases using the new Developer Console, making my original answer (below) obsolete.

New Answer

Open your project, expand Storage and then Cloud SQL, switch to the DATABASES tab. From there you can use the New database button to create a new database. You can also delete databases from there.

Original Answer (Now obsolete)

This has not been implemented in the new Cloud Console yet, you have to use the old api's console for this.

To get to it first go to the Cloud SQL section of your project in the new console (where you are). Then in the bottom right there is a link "Return to original console". If you click on this you get to a slightly different control panel for Cloud SQL.

If you then click on the instance you want to create your database on, you will get another screen that has a "SQL Prompt" tab, click on that and then you can execute raw SQL commands against it.

UPDATE: To get to the old APIs console and prevent the redirect taking you to the new console use this link: