Php – How to increase the execution speed and reduce execution time of a social website like ‘Facebook’ developed in PHPFox


I've an already developed and running social website like 'Facebook'.

This website has been developed using PHPFox v3.0.7(which is a social networking platform created in php).

The website functions are working well, no issues with them.

The main, major and serious issue I'm facing with the website is the slow execution speed. For any kind of operation it takes too much time and user has to wait for that much time. This really irritates the user and is affecting the performance of a website.

So, I did research on 'Facebook'- The World's Largest Social Networking Website developed in PHP. If 'Facebook' can execute at rapid speed in spite of heavy user load and continuous operations why can't my site?

First thing is the site is developed using a framework called 'PHPFox' so the entire Database design, caching and all other things have been managed by the framework itself, I can't change the framework's settings but ultimately I want to increase the execution speed of my website.

So how should I achieve it? If you have any best in class solution please provide me the guidance for it.

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

Please feel free to ask me any of the queries you have regarding the issue I'm facing.


Best Solution

There are several ways you can increase the speed.

  1. Using CDN,
  2. Enable caching,
  3. Using load balancing server,
  4. Enable compression,
  5. Enabling bootstrap,
  6. Optimize database and db driver

You can use the following server speedup method

  1. Enabling mod_deflacte
  2. Enabling memchached