Intellij-idea – How to Make PHPStorm / Intellij IDEA Dark (Whole IDE, not just color scheme)


I've just downloaded the new PHPStorm EAP, and noticed this screenshot:

PHPStorm Dark

And I like it very much. Thing is, I can't find any option to make my install looks like this. I know about color scheme, but AFAIK it only change the text editor's color. How can I make my install to look like that? (The screenshot is taken from the EAP site).

Best Solution

Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Appearance | Theme = Darcula

P.S. Since IntelliJ IDEA v14 / WebStorm v9 / PhpStorm v8.0.2 (and any other IDEs on branch or newer) the settings path is a bit different:

Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Appearance & Behaviour | Appearance | Theme = Darcula

enter image description here

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