Php – How to refer to a static constant member variable in PHP


I have a class with member variables. What is the syntax in PHP to access the member variables from within the class when the class is being called from a static context?

Basically I want to call a class method (but not create a new object), but when the class method is called, I want a handful of static constant variables to be initialized that need to be shared among the different class methods.

OR if there's a better way to do it then what I'm proposing, please share with me (I'm new to PHP)


class example
    var $apple;

    function example()//constructor
        example::apple = "red" //this throws a parse error


Best Solution

For brevity sake I will only offer the php 5 version:

class Example
    // Class Constant
    const APPLE = 'red';

    // Private static member
    private static $apple;

    public function __construct()
        print self::APPLE . "\n";
        self::$apple = 'red';