Php – How to update a user’s Facebook status


I looked at many similar questions here at and searched in Google but still could not find an answer, so I am posting this new question.

I have a 3rd party PHP5 website in which users can write a short message. I want to have the ability for the user to click a button to share that message as a facebook status.
It is in my understanding that this can be done using the Facebook API and Users.setStatus. I am not sure where to begin though – do I implement Facebook connect in my site? I don't need anything but that ability, so I don't need a facebook 'canvas' page.
Do I start an application?
Could someone point me in the right direction?


Best Solution

You need to:

  1. Create an application, paying particular attention to the Connect settings
  2. Integrate your site with Facebook Connect
  3. Check the user has granted the application the status_update extended permission, and if not pop up the permission dialogue
  4. Use the Status.set API call

The details for each step are far too big for one SO answer, but hopefully that's a "point in the right direction".