Php – Laravel Eloquent orWhere Query


Can someone show me how to write this query in Eloquent?

SELECT * FROM `projects` WHERE `id`='17' OR `id`='19'

I am thinking


Also my variables (17 and 19) in this case are coming from a multi select box, so basically in an array. Any clues on how to cycle through that and add these where/orWhere clauses dynamically?


Best Solution

You could do in three ways. Assume you've an array in the form

['myselect' => [11, 15, 17, 19], 'otherfield' => 'test', '_token' => 'jahduwlsbw91ihp'] which could be a dump of \Input::all();

  1.    Project::where(function ($query) {
          foreach(\Input::get('myselect') as $select) {
             $query->orWhere('id', '=', $select);
  2.    Project::whereIn('id', \Input::get('myselect'))->get();
  3.    $sql = \DB::table('projects');
       foreach (\Input::get('myselect') as $select) {
           $sql->orWhere('id', '=', $select);
       $result = $sql->get();
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