Php – Laravel multiple orderBy from dynamic array input


I am trying to add orderBy clauses to a query dynamically.

What I've tried

$sort = Input::get('sort');

// Ex. of $sort below  
// Could be more or less key / values depending on user input
"category" => "asc",
"created_at" => "desc",
"email" => "asc",
"title" => "asc"

// I need to chain multiple orderBy's to a query
// but I can't use foreach in the laravel query
foreach ($sort as $key => $value) {
  echo "->orderBy(\"$key\", \"$value\")";

Is there a way to chain multiple orderBy's to an existing query? Or a way to chain them during the creation of the query?

I am using Bootgrid and trying to utilize it's multisort capabilities.

Code update

This is producing a status code 500.

$advertisements = DB::table('advertisements')

foreach ($sort as $key => $value) {
    $advertisements->orderBy($key, $value);

Best Solution

Yes, you can add stuff to your query object after creating it like this:

$query = DB::table('advertisements');
foreach (Input::get('sort') as $key => $value) {
    $query->orderBy($key, $value);
$advertisements = $query->get();