Php – library interposition with dlsym


I'm writing an interposition library to track the usage of some library functions in libc, such as open(), close(), connect(), etc. It works generally well on most of the applications. However, when I try it with PHP, using PHP's MySQL module in particular, none of the function calls to libc inside this module is been tracked (so no connect(), no socket(), etc.). 'strace' told me that the system calls socket(), connect(), etc., took place. Running 'file' on the module and said that they are all dynamically linked. So it shouldn't be a problem caused by static linkage. What might be the problem?

I'm using Fedora 11 64-bit version.

Thank you.

Best Solution

It seems like that it was not caused by static linkage. In fact, PHP is dynamically linked to other libraries. The problem relies in the way PHP loads extensions.

PHP loads extensions by calling dlopen() with flags RTLD_LAZY, which means that the symbol will only be resolved when the reference is executed. This bypasses the interposition specified by LD_PRELOAD.

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