Php – Read in text file line by line php – newline not being detected


I have a php function I wrote that will take a text file and list each line as its own row in a table.

The problem is the classic "works fine on my machine", but of course when I ask somebody else to generate the .txt file I am looking for, it keeps on reading in the whole file as 1 line. When I open it in my text editor, it looks just as how I would expect it with a new name on each line, but its the newline character or something throwing it off.

So far I have come to the conclusion it might have something to do with whatever text editor they are using on their Mac system.

Does this make sense? and is there any easy way to just detect this character that the text editor is recognizing as a new line and replace it with a standard one that php will recognize?

UPDATE: Adding the following line solved the issue.



function displayTXTList($fileName) {
    if(file_exists($fileName)) {
        $file = fopen($fileName,'r');
        while(!feof($file)) { 
            $name = fgets($file);
            echo('<tr><td align="center">'.$name.'</td></tr>');
    } else {
        echo('<tr><td align="center">placeholder</td></tr>');
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