Php – Resize animated GIF file without destroying animation


I need to resize an animated GIF file without destroying the animation.

How can I do it using PHP?

Best Solution

if you have imagemagick access, you can do this:

system("convert big.gif -coalesce coalesce.gif");
system("convert -size 200x100 coalesce.gif -resize 200x10 small.gif");

this is most likely possible with the imagemagick plugin if you don't have system() access

NOTE: this may create a larger filesize though a smaller dimensions image due to coalescing essentially deoptimizing the image.

UPDATE: If you don't have ImageMagick access, you should be able to use a combination of the following steps to resize an animated gif (assuming you have GD access):

  1. Detect if the image is an animated gif: Can I detect animated gifs using php and gd? (top answer)
  2. Split the animated gif into individual frames:
  3. Resize the individual frames:
  4. Recomposite the frames into an animated gif again:

This is definitely much more intensive than the ImageMagick route, but it should be technically possible.

If you get it working, please share with the world!