Php – Something like Crystal Reports for PHP


I'm looking for something that works in PHP and is similar to crystal reports. I basically need to have a layout setup that means I can output invoices just by inserting the data, and then send it to a printer.

The closest I've found so far is PDFB, but It's a bit of a pain as it needs to have precise positioning.

I'd like to have something that could generate an invoice based on a template (preferably XML based) and then output it to a form easy for us to print (PostScript would be nice!)

It needs to have support for barcodes too (though these can be generated as a GD image)

Another requirement is that this must be FLOSS

Best Solution

Use XML + XSL:FO with Apache FOP via PHP-JavaBridge.

Here is how:

PostScript would be nice!

Many PostScript printers understand PDF too.