Php – Symfony 2: Install and enable the intl extension


I'm using XAMPP for Windows and decided to try out Symfony 2.

As soon as I get to Symfony Configuration page it recommends me to install and enable intl.

I tried reading PEAR's and PECL's guides, since I'm total 0 on this topic(started learning PHP recently), but nothing worked.

I found php_intl.dll inside my C:\xamp\php\ext. The php.ini's extension_dir= is set to "C:\xampp\php\ext". I was only missing the extension=php_intl.dll inside php.ini, so I added it.

Unfortunately it didn't work, and Symfony keeps asking me for intl.

Best Solution

Whenever you make changes to php.ini, remember to restart Apache. Otherwise the changes won't take effect. You can do this in the XAMPP Control Panel by clicking the stop/start button in the Apache module row.

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