Php – Why doesn’t http://localhost/ load anything with WAMP


I recently tried installing WAMP but found that none of the pages will load. It also has an orange W logo, if that means anything. It does say (Tray Icon) that the WAMPserver is online though. I also did some research and found that Skype may cause problems and I removed the Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections option, but it still won't work. I get the following screen in my Chrome browser, any ideas?

localhost isn't loading...

EDIT: After further research I found that something may have gone wrong with the installation and Skype. I don't know how this happened but after a re-instillation everything worked fine. Thanks for your guy's help.

Best Solution

The orange logo indicates that at least one service failed to start. You might try the following to troubleshoot the underlying reason:

  1. Check that the Apache service is running. Left-click the WAMP tray icon and check that under Apache > Service, the option to start the service is disabled/grayed out. If not, your Apache service isn't running and that's the cause.

  2. Check the port Apache is listening on. Again. left-click the WAMP icon, Apache > httpd.conf should open the configuration. Look for the Listen XX directive and note what the value for XX is. If not 80, you should use the url http://localhost:XX instead.

  3. If the value for Listen was indeed 80, you might want to check what process is bound to port 80. Left-click the tray icon, Apache > Service > Test port 80. This should tell you what process is bound to port 80. If nothing is listening at port 80, you should see the message Your port 80 is not actually used.. If Apache actually is listening on that port, you should see something like Apache/<version> (Win32) PHP/<version>.

  4. Finally, check the Apache error log. Left-click the icon, Apache > Apache error log. Scroll to the end of the file and look for any messages that might be relevant.

  5. Try a different browser

  6. Telnet to port XX and see if you're able to connect.

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