Php_memcache.dll for PHP 5.3


I recently setup a server using the latest version of XAMPP for Windows. With it came PHP 5.3. I'm now looking for a memcache.dll file that works with PHP 5.3 I've used some of the previous .dll files and recieved an error message:

"PHP Startup: memcache: Unable t initialize module.
Module compiled with module API=20060613
PHP compiled with module api=20090626
These options need to match"

Any links to a PHP 5.3 memcache.dll file would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

Best Solution

If you are using php 5.3 from within xampp 1.7.2/1.7.3, this distribution works fine:

It's a real pity that is still not up yet with PECL windows binaries.