PowerShell Get-ADUser Filter manager empty


I'm looking for a way to retrieve all the users that have no manager assigned to them in the active directory. Whatever I try, it always spits out errors.

Works fine:

Get-ADUser -Filter {-not(lastLogonTimeStamp -like "*")} -Properties * -SearchBase "xxx"     

Doesn't work:

Get-ADUser -Filter {-not(manager -like "*")} -Properties * -SearchBase "xxx"
Get-ADUser -Filter {manager -ne "*"} -Properties * -SearchBase "xxx 
Get-ADUser -Filter {manager -eq $null} -Properties * -SearchBase "xxx
Get-ADUser -Filter {manager -notlike '*'} -Properties * -SearchBase "xxx

Without using the whereclause, does anyone have an idea about the correct syntax?


Get-ADUser -SearchBase "xxx" -Filter * -Properties * | where {$_.manager -eq $null}

Thank you for your help guys.

Best Solution

Use -LDAPFilter switch:

Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(!manager=*)" -Properties *
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