Python – Best way to have full Python install under cygwin/XP


Pythons installed under WinXP have dirs like DLLs, DOC, include, etc. but python (2.5) installed with cygwin is a bare python.exe. My motivation for asking is that 'things' under XP don't seem to be finding 'other things' under cygwin and vice versa, I want to start developing with Qt, I like shells, and I do not like MS; I thought if I got all the components under one roof, I could finally start to have scripts find executables which could find files and such. 1. Can I simply copy the contents of an XP installation into the cygwin tree? 2. Is the XP flavor of Python different from the cygwin flavor? (Same CPU, he pointed out, naively.) 3. Someone must work with a full-fledged (if snakes had feathers…) Python from within cygwin; how is it done?

Disclaimer 1: I have never compiled anything under XP or cygwin; had hoped not to have to go there, hence, python in the first place. Disclaimer 2: sorry if this is a ServerFault question, but they seemed to be system people over there and this is (in my case) a lowly desktop.

Best Solution

I use Python from within cygwin, but I don't use the version that cygwin gives you the option of installing as I don't have the control over version number used that I need (we use an older version at work). I have my python version installed via the windows installer (the xp version as you put it) and add the /cygdrive/c/Python2x directory to my PATH environment variable.