Python calling external programs without opening console (dos prompt)


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I am using Python 2.7 and running the python scripts from within IDLE.

The commands I am executing are simple exe's that perform quick tasks. The issue I am having is every time the external commands are called from within Python a console is created and it flashes on my screen and takes focus, thus preventing me from using my PC while executing various scripts.

Examples of how I am calling them from within Python are as follows:

result = call(["Commands\Set.exe", str(i), ARG2])
check_output(["Commands\Read.exe", ARG2])

Searching for a solution I came across adding the following


to make the following command

check_output(["Commands\Read.exe", ARG2], shell=True)

However I still get the console appear every time an external command is called

Best Solution

There might be two issues here. First off, if your python scripts have the .pyw extension then they will be associated with pythonw which does not use a console*. However, you have shell=True, which generates a console*. You need to run the program and hide the console:

import subprocess
proc = subprocess.Popen('',  creationflags=subprocess.SW_HIDE, shell=True)

*Pedantically, it's not a dos prompt, it is a console window. DOS - Disk Operating System - was an IBM mainframe OS. MS-DOS or PC-DOS command-line features were mirrored (with a lot of extra features) by cmd.exe (a Windows shell), which is a console program and so uses a console window. It's that console window you need to hide.

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