Python – Django: multiple models in one template using forms


I'm building a support ticket tracking app and have a few models I'd like to create from one page. Tickets belong to a Customer via a ForeignKey. Notes belong to Tickets via a ForeignKey as well. I'd like to have the option of selecting a Customer (that's a whole separate project) OR creating a new Customer, then creating a Ticket and finally creating a Note assigned to the new ticket.

Since I'm fairly new to Django, I tend to work iteratively, trying out new features each time. I've played with ModelForms but I want to hide some of the fields and do some complex validation. It seems like the level of control I'm looking for either requires formsets or doing everything by hand, complete with a tedious, hand-coded template page, which I'm trying to avoid.

Is there some lovely feature I'm missing? Does someone have a good reference or example for using formsets? I spent a whole weekend on the API docs for them and I'm still clueless. Is it a design issue if I break down and hand-code everything?

Best Solution

This really isn't too hard to implement with ModelForms. So lets say you have Forms A, B, and C. You print out each of the forms and the page and now you need to handle the POST.

if request.POST():
    a_valid = formA.is_valid()
    b_valid = formB.is_valid()
    c_valid = formC.is_valid()
    # we do this since 'and' short circuits and we want to check to whole page for form errors
    if a_valid and b_valid and c_valid:
        a =
        b =
        c =
        b.foreignkeytoA = a
        c.foreignkeytoB = b

Here are the docs for custom validation.