Python – Django: vps or shared hosting?


I am new to web development and everything involved with it. Im finishing my website in django and i will soon have to find a hosting and deploy it. I heard there are vps or shared hosting types. So here are the questions:
1. How many visits/clicks per day make it worth choosing vps? shared?
2. How hard is it to tune and maintain a vps on your own if you're new to everything!
3. If i ask hosting providers to help me deploy my site – will they help? (shared, vps)
4. Is vps with 256mb memory much faster than shared hosting?
5. If i want to host many sites on one hosting – is vps more suitable for that?
6. Can i host php, django and other stuff on one hosting simultaniously?
7. Should i know something else to make a decision?

Best Solution

I've been using Webfaction for shared hosting of Django. The price is pretty decent, they have good forums, and have a nice web-based interface to help get you setup. Despite the web interface, it doesn't impede you from having full control over your site form the command line. You can host all sorts of things, from Django to Rails, to PHP, and mysql. For smaller sites, it works nicely. I'm not sure how the performance works under high load, but you can always start small and upgrade to a vps. I've never had direct contact with the support personel there, but the documentation seems good. I don't mean for this to sound like a plug, but it's been pretty good for shared hosting. If you have any questions about it, I'll be glad to answer.

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