Python – Good geometry library in python?


I am looking for a good and well developed library for geometrical manipulations and evaluations in python, like:

  • evaluate the intersection between two lines in 2D and 3D (if present)
  • evaluate the point of intersection between a plane and a line, or the line of intersection between two planes
  • evaluate the minimum distance between a line and a point
  • find the orthonormal to a plane passing through a point
  • rotate, translate, mirror a set of points
  • find the dihedral angle defined by four points

I have a compendium book for all these operations, and I could implement it but unfortunately I have no time, so I would enjoy a library that does it. Most operations are useful for gaming purposes, so I am sure that some of these functionalities can be found in gaming libraries, but I would prefer not to include functionalities (such as graphics) I don't need.

Any suggestions ? Thanks

Best Solution

Perhaps take a look at SymPy.