Python – Google AppEngine: how to count a database’s entries beyond 1000


Duplicate of "how does one get a count of rows in a datastore model in google appengine?"

I want to know how many users I have. Previously, I achieved this with the following code:

users = UserStore.all()
user_count = users.count()

But now I have more than 1,000 users and this method continues to return 1,000.

Is there an efficient programmatic way of knowing how many users I have?

Best Solution

It is indeed a duplicate and the other post describes how to theoretically do it, but I'd like to stress that you should really not be doing counts this way. The reason being that BigTable by its distributed nature is really bad for aggregates. What you probably want to do is add a transactional counter to that entity, and if there are lots of transactions a sharded counter. See:

UPDATE: Since 1.3.1 cursors make stuff like this a lot easier: